Brittany Kelly Online Portfolio



Vote Cayman
Campaign to engage voters in the 2017 Election in The Cayman Islands
(Credited as: Producer, Director, Editor & Writer) 


Walkers Student Art Program – National Gallery of The Cayman Islands 
Interviews with art teachers and students about the annual programme.
(Credited as: Producer, Director & Editor) 


Ocean Oasis
Property Management & Real Estate company Property Pals current listing of a luxury beachfront home in The Cayman Islands.
(Credited as: DP & Editor)


National Workforce Development Agency
An ad to raise awareness of the NWDA of Cayman’s role in assisting those looking for work.
(Credited as: Writer, Producer, Editor & Voice Over Artist) 



Corpse Remover
Corpse Remover takes a bit of a grim look into the year 2048 when taking a life, or at least asking the government if you can, is legal. We follow Sam Bowman whose job it is to clean up the mess.
(Credited as: Producer, Story Editor & 1st AD)


Cayman Islands Marathon (4 Weeks Out)
Every week leading up the the Cayman Islands Marathon we send out a video to our overseas runners, giving them information about the island and race.
(Credited as: Writer, Director, Editor & Producer) 


Radio Licensing
Created for social media, this clip helps the government organisation formerly known as ICTA (now OfReg) discuss the necessity of radio registration. 
(Credited as: Producer) 


Native Sons: Twenty Years On
This in-depth interview with Cayman’s well-known art collective explores the challenges of the changing landscape of the art industry in The Cayman Islands.
(Credited as: DP, Producer & Editor)


Black Sheep: The Skip Sullivan Story
Made for the 48 Hour Film Project, this short mockumentary follows chipper Skip Sullivan as she hopes to become the region’s best Sheep-Herder. There’s only one problem – she has no sheep.
(Credited as: Writer, Producer, Director & Editor)