Sunashu is an inventive sci-fi novel that explores the idea of power balances in an intergalactic battle when Earth’s fate is in jeopardy.


Excerpt (CH. 15 p. 173)

Broken glass littered the floor as Za moved across the entry hall, she followed Peo at a distance, moving carefully to avoid any sharp debris. The windows and entry sliders all had large holes in them with burnt edges. Hydroarms Za thought to herself. She had seen these marks at the firing range her father had taken her to. Her father, Za instantly picked up the pace, shuffling after Peo as he rounded the corner. ‘Za No!’ Peo turned quickly to grab her, but it was too late, she saw the pile of burned human flesh in the crimson guard uniform on the ground, motionless, mouth gaping eyes open.

 Za bolted upright. She was covered in sweat and shaking violently, she quickly covered her mouth to suppress her screams. She felt an arm grab her, she jumped away, looking back, it was only Tutter. ‘Zay, what’s wrong? Night hazard?’ Za nodded shaking her head, trying desperately to shake the memories out. She didn’t have night hazards often, mostly her sleep consisted of uninterrupted blackness, but when she did have them, they were vivid and painful, putting her right back into the worst day of her life. ‘I wish you would let me help you’ Tutter whispered in her ear.

Tutter used to be a thought falterer. Thought falterers were trained memory manipulators, they could change any thought you had or wanted to change, they were used by the guard to torture people and control them. They could take the happiest memory and make it gruesome, but thought falterers could also take the horrible memories and make them less horrible or eradicate them altogether.