Jefferson Bicycle

Straight from the earthquake ridden island where hurricanes steal our shirts and the wind wears our shoes out the back door saying it’ll be right back. The storm is not so terrifying [more annoying] when it’s taking your belongings. Desensitization comes from under-exposure and earfuls.

Locked in the closet under the [stares] and in love with fictional creatures. [gazes and exchanges] This is the society that we enter and endure. Fixated on the grave digging habits of the untouchables.

This is no time to hit puberty when you’re lost in the throws of young payback.

Waiting for the crash each time you pull out of the driveway. Hooked on phony desires and illegal downloading from the critics that all say terrible niceties

That make us say write things like:

Dear Prudence, I’ve been calling all angels to tell you that you, your sex is on fire and I know you know that I could use somebody to love. Caught fire in this bohemian rhapsody down in the strawberry fields. Forever with my drink and my two step without you and I in a little toy shop buying bags of balloons with the money we got. Don’t you forget about me because if you leave I’ll call to say I love you. Like hello, I love you, can you tell me your name. Cause I just can’t fight this feeling anymore and it’s more than a feeling so don’t stop believing.

Forever Young Jeezy